Monday, November 20, 2017

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Fitwel introduces residential standard for buildings that help make you fitter and healthier

Years ago, building science expert Joseph Lstiburek complained about the LEED certification system: The problem? LEED gives "green" points for construction factors and building features that have more to do with "feel good" aesthetics than energy...

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Developers are struggling in Toronto’s hot housing market

The hottest housing market in the world is facing a reckoning. Toronto-area land prices have gotten so high that developers are struggling to build new homes that people can afford. Buyers are no longer lining up, despite discounts and...

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Built Green Canada Partners with the City of Edmonton for EnerGuide Rebates

EDMONTON, Alberta, Nov. 17, 2017—Built Green Canada and the City of Edmonton have partnered to offer a rebate for BUILT GREEN® builders through the City’s “Spot the Difference” program. For a limited time, BUILT GREEN® builders can...

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